Rosenholm Castle

The castle

Rosenholm castle was built in the period 1559-1610.

Rosenholm is unique in that it has two dominant architectural styles combined in one castle. The East wing represents the Italian Renaissance, with its small round towers and open loggia and the west Wing the French with its three towers.

The story behind, is said to be that Jørgen Rosenkrantz and his wife Dorthe Lange could not agree and therefor they each built their own castle. The South and North wing was added later and thereby connected the two dominant wings.

Rosenkrantz, Guildenstern and Hamlet

Rosenholm is the estate of one of the noblest of noble families in Denmark namely the Rosenkrantz family.
Shakespeare made the family internationally famous in his play Hamlet, where they together with  Gyldenstjerne, the neighbor to Rosenholm at Møllerup, was behind  the assassination plot against the Danish prince.

Rosenholm is today still controlled by the family, Erik baron Rosenkrantz, manager and Boris Rosenkrantz, Chairman of the Board.

Manager Erik baron Rosenkrantz
Manager Erik baron Rosenkrantz
Boris Rosenkrantz & Son

Chairman of the Board Boris Rosenkrantz & Son